1.European art is growing strong

Cars, wine, and jewelry. Those have previously been objects of investment among Europeans. Recently people have been investing more and more in arts. Some time ago, while reading an article about arts, I stumbled upon statistics saying that over 50% of respondents invest in arts, as they find it to be a good place to put their money into. The need to possess art is first of all catering to the ‘aesthetical needs’ but besides that, it’s also a way to show off social status. Often enough, we hoard art not only to fulfill our own needs but also to pass it down to our children. Just try to recall all those stories about art pieces found in the attics and basements of old houses.

2. Beautification of surroundings

Surrounding ourselves with beauty is the best what we can do for ourselves

That’s a quote from one of my friends. For quite some time, sculptures have been immanently affecting the rooms of their owners. Vast and modern spaces are given an opportunity to get a unique character. Very often a ceramic figurine can break conventions or completely warp the character around. Affecting the aesthetics of indoors is no longer restricted to paintings and portraits. The emotional bond with an art piece is extended to visitors, who are given an opportunity to experience aesthetic elation.

3. Souvenir transforming into investment

Ownership of art has historically been associated with social prestige. Collectors treat their purchases as a form of investment, which can pay for themselves in time. Studies have found, that owners of valuable objects decide to sell them only after their value has exceeded at least 162% of it’s original. Art is becoming a mean to safeguard the wealth – especially so during economically uncertain times.

4. Incentive to self-development

Ceramic sculptures provoke action. It’s easy to find inspiration or stimulus to act in them. Form and shape work together to influence the perception of the surroundings. Staying around and analyzing them is quite a good way to overcome your barriers and discover new growth opportunities. If you find yourself lacking some positive energy, focus your attention on sculpture – it allows one to find his inner self, by releasing the hidden mental power within.

5. An excellent gift for people close to you

A gifted sculpture can be a reminder of certain events or whole periods. Whenever we look at such gifts, we recall the memories enclosed within. Emotional and aesthetic influence of an art piece can strengthen the relations and elevate them to a higher level

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