Iwo Rynkiewicz


Contemporary sculpture
artist from Poland

A co-founder of the ”Kobron” Creative Group born in Warsaw in 1970. In 1994 definitely abandons painting to pursue the pure form in ceramic sculpture.

An admirer of Nick Cave`s works. Similarly to Cave, he is fascinated with biblical motifs, as well as with histories and figures bringing the inter-war years to mind.

His small-size ceramic forms, often mysterious, sometimes vulgar or facetious, as if from Otto Dix’s paintings show distorted figures, branded with pain and madness, as if taken from the theatre bizarre of Barnum & Bailey Circus.


Here is a blond beauty and a star of trapeze, here is a midget, an acrobat and a strongman or a small girl with a mind of an old woman. People with different looks – born with physical disabilities or distorted by rare medical conditions – who since the earliest times have always attracted special interest.


Man and his history have brought together Cave, Barnum and Rynkiewicz. Ecce homo – this is the man…