Who is Sylwia Rynkiewicz?

Sylwia Rynkiewicz was born in 1968 in Żory. Polish artist, wife of Iwo Rynkiewicz, daughter of Alojz and Renata Błędowska – valued Żory ceramists and painters. She graduated from the PLSP in Nowy Wiśnicz under the supervision of Krystyna Jarczewska in the field of ceramics – modeler. Since graduation, she has been actively involved in […]

Contemporary sculpture used in minimalist home

This interior design is obviously appealing but there is something missing… isn’t it? Maybe a little decor piece to install on your table or an abstract painting to revive the white walls of your home? The face of minimalist style Living in minimalist home doesn’t mean to deprive yourself of any decoration. In contrary, your […]

Art exhibition – Rynek Sztuki

Dear friends, I have the honor to invite you for my very first exhibition beginning the season full of artistic events that I will surely keep you informed! The upcoming exhibition will take place on July 5 in Andrychów – Rynek 14 street at 6 p.m. – the hometown of my beloved friends  as well […]

Cypriot inspirations

Every artist needs inspiration. Recently, I decided to combine the practical with pleasure taking a much-deserved vacation in Cyprus and exploring the local art. Before talking about what amazed me, I would like to give you a little bit of Cypriot culture. Incredibly kind people, the lack of omnipresent „grifters”, magnificent landscapes, a lot of […]

Kobron – the man made of clay

An artist stays a rebel for his whole life In my younger days, we would often dispute the social norms and political correctness. You could call that the fight against the system. I reminisce of those times with fondness, although when I bring those up during family meetups, not everybody shares that fondness with me […]


The need to possess art is first of all catering to the ‘aesthetical needs’ but besides that, it’s also a way to show off social status. Often enough, we hoard art not only to fulfill our own needs but also to pass it down to our children. Just try to recall all those stories about art pieces found in the attics and basements of old houses.

Clay – What are ceramic sculptures made of ?

Clay is the most important tool in my trade. It’s worth noting, that clay also happens to be one of the oldest building materials used by mankind, and it’s thanks to it that great buildings of the past (or even whole cities) came to life. Even animals tend to use it as a material for their homes. For me – clay is my means of artistic expression.

Clay “Kids” collection

Seditiousness, sins and XXI century problems, consumerism, war, politics and grotesque nature of everything around us – those all have heavy influence on my works.

How did it all start ?

We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand. The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies. Pablo Picasso My story started at the beginning of the period called […]