Contemporary sculpture used in minimalist home

This interior design is obviously appealing but there is something missing… isn’t it? Maybe a little decor piece to install on your table or an abstract painting to revive the white walls of your home?

The face of minimalist style

Living in minimalist home doesn’t mean to deprive yourself of any decoration. In contrary, your clean home interior will gain in style thanks to several decorative elements in contrasting colors. The rule is not to overwhelm the surface and to maintain the simplicity.

Nordic inspiration

Since we’ve been selling our artworks online, we figured out that the majority of our customers live or come from Nordic countries. It is known that Scandinavian design is based on simple, colorless spaces. And despite that, the Scandinavian interiors are freaking cosy! By playing with modern furnitures, natural light and basic color palettes, our Nordic friends keep their nests warm and nice to live

The secret revealed

The key to success is to use abstract art to accentuate blank walls of spacious living room. Just imagine an uncluttered corridor equipped only with small consol BUT decorated with an original ceramic sculpture, it would intrigue and impress your guests, wouldn’t you say? 

Give credit to ceramic sculpture

If you own minimalist interior and you feel like something is missing, you’re in the right place to find the lost soul of your home! Iwo Rynkiewicz clay sculptures as well as small ceramics by Sylvia Rynkiewicz will warm up your nest while keeping it minimalist-friendly. Contemporary art is an integral part of modern home design. Gently color glazed mindful ceramic sculptures reflect perfectly the light and contrast with the dominant white of sleek and modern interiors.

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