Cypriot inspirations

Every artist needs inspiration. Recently, I decided to combine the practical with pleasure taking a much-deserved vacation in Cyprus and exploring the local art. Before talking about what amazed me, I would like to give you a little bit of Cypriot culture. Incredibly kind people, the lack of omnipresent „grifters”, magnificent landscapes, a lot of space and basically, calmness…

Take a moment to breathe

Cyprus is known for Byzantine art and cedars. Their shape and the texture have moved me to such enthusiasm that I cannot even describe. After all, cedars are a symbol of longevity and the previously mentioned peace. I felt blissful and safe among them. Far from our surrounding technology, politics and everything that belongs to the everyday life of the 21st century. My priority was to relax in a Turkish bath, admire beautiful views and amazing art galleries and take advantage of clean air.

In the footsteps of Cypriot artists

My wife has infected me with her passion to the mountains that I could not stand before. Our must-see places were Troodos Mountains and Cape Greco National Forest Park. And what was hidden inside is complicated to describe. Even though I am not a kind of over religious person, strolling around the Byzantine Art West Route was definitely a spiritual experience for me. Breathtaking frescoes, monasteries and churches, you must see them with your own eyes to feel their magic. Due to the short stay, we have not been able to see the entire 200 km route, which I regret so much. I am actually glad that we decided to go to Cyprus this time of year. Blooming crocuses, asters, colorful landscapes and the weather that was perfect for walking, only increased positive emotions and the way I felt that place. It is impossible not to mention the Caledonian waterfall – small, inspiring and pervading. The waterfall that makes you feel as if you were standing at the foot of Niagara.

Traditional food of Cyprus

As for the taste of Cypriot cuisine, I would have to write another article, so let me write how delicous it is. The intense and juicy flavors of local fruits are almost incomparable to those in Poland, and the olive has such a distinct flavor as the king “halloumi” cheese that literally melts in your mouth. The food imported to the Polish shops has nothing to do with the traditional flavors of Cyprus. As a real gourmet alcohol, I could not refuse to taste the bitter, flavored Cypriot vodka. Nevertheless, it did not fall to my taste buds, and I will be staying faithful to our traditional Polish beverages.

Now, my head is full of ideas and the stay in Cyprus has properly recharged my batteries. So, I am prepared to externalize my new, creative experiences.

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