My inspiration for the “Kids” collection comes from surreal works, cartoons, comics – or to put it broadly – from pop culture. I really like including references to Nick Cave’s songs in my works (and Nick Cave himself is an inspiration to me)
Seditiousness, sins and XXI century problems, consumerism, war, politics and grotesque nature of everything around us – those all have heavy influence on my works.

Unexpected success
have been particularly well received:

“I’m not sure why exactly. Perhaps because they tell the story that is unfolding right now – right in front of our very own eyes? Maybe it’s this explicitness mixed up with absurd which lets the modern humans ‘hide’ behind them, and express their points of view this way? Afterall it’s difficult to possess something which deviates from our sense of aesthetics and look at it every day during the morning coffee. Or maybe it’s the sharp colours?”

The “Kids” are definitely the most flashy and expressive in Iwo Rynkiewicz portfolio.

Tenacity in the work.
No matter how experienced one is, the ceramic work continues to be a challenge. Every sub-process carries a risk that may damage the final product in one way or another. The sculpture can end up broken, the glazing can end up looking differently from the intended vision and so on. It’s a medium requiring not only technical knowledge and patience – it also requires the ability to cope with failures.

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