Who is Sylwia Rynkiewicz?

Sylwia Rynkiewicz was born in 1968 in Żory. Polish artist, wife of Iwo Rynkiewicz, daughter of Alojz and Renata Błędowska – valued Żory ceramists and painters. She graduated from the PLSP in Nowy Wiśnicz under the supervision of Krystyna Jarczewska in the field of ceramics – modeler. Since graduation, she has been actively involved in […]

Art exhibition – Rynek Sztuki

Dear friends, I have the honor to invite you for my very first exhibition beginning the season full of artistic events that I will surely keep you informed! The upcoming exhibition will take place on July 5 in Andrychów – Rynek 14 street at 6 p.m. – the hometown of my beloved friends  as well […]